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Let’s understand what is IRS Tax Resolution?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is in charge of collecting federal taxes and ensuring that people abide by the law in the United States. Tax return preparers come in a wide variety, including enrolled agents, certified public lawyers, and many more without formal training. Your most sensitive information must be trusted by the tax preparer if you want your return to be appropriately completed and you want them to be knowledgeable about tax preparation. Talking about tax resolution The process of engaging with the IRS and tax experts to resolve your tax issues is known as tax resolution.

For a number of reasons, the IRS may not be satisfied with your tax return or current tax position. if your tax return is difficult. The IRS may audit you, for instance, if your tax return is difficult, to make sure you are reporting the correct amount of income and making legal deductions. In rare circumstances, the IRS could think you underreported your income and wish to investigate your tax status further.

Why you hire IRS Tax Resolution Expert?

When you hire a IRS tax resolution organisation like Swat Advisors, you are asking them to evaluate the full scope of your tax issue and to speak on your or your company’s behalf. A competent tax resolution specialist will be able to assess your financial data to pinpoint precisely which resolution you are eligible for and will be aware of what is permissible on a financial disclosure.

Americans looking to save on taxes should know that the IRS has penalties for late filing, which can be as much as 5% of income taxes owed. It’s a terrible way to end the year and an expensive one at that.

Tax experts can assist you in deciding what to do if you owe back taxes but are unable to pay them!

What occurs if you have tax debt?

Instalment agreements are payment schedules that taxpayers can set up with the IRS. The kind of arrangement you qualify for will depend on your circumstances, including how much you owe and when you can make the remaining payments. Taxpayers have up to 120 days to settle their whole tax amount according to the IRS. The IRS provides choices for those who are experiencing financial hardship, such as the presently not collectable status and the offer in compromise. You can get a personal loan.

IRS Tax Resolution Guidance

The majority of Americans anticipate that filing their yearly tax return will be their last contact with the IRS. Additionally, it’s typically bad news when they send you a written notification. The agency gains a reputation for being harsh and severe as a result. But dealing with tax issues doesn’t always have to be tense or frightening, and the IRS may be more forgiving than you expect. The best course of action to take when you receive a letter from the IRS indicating an issue with your tax return, an imminent audit, tax penalties, tax liens, wage garnishment, or any other issue, is to identify the issue and deal with it. It’s vital to know that the IRS is eager to work with you to create a mutually advantageous tax solution if you feel overwhelmed or don’t think you can pay your tax burden.

  • Begin with a free consultation with no commitment. This enables you to speak with a member of our team about your tax issue.
  • CPAs, EAs, accountants, bookkeepers, tax preparers, and other tax experts are knowledgeable about how to arrange and submit your taxes in compliance.
  • You should choose a qualified tax attorney who is familiar with all aspects of tax law and who can represent you in court if required. To obtain the best outcome for your tax dispute, our staff puts out a lot of effort.

What Is Unfiled Tax Returns

When you submit your tax return after the deadline, the IRS may impose a range of penalties. A “failure to file” penalty may be assessed for merely filing the return late.

In that case undoubtedly you have a tax resolution approach for you because there are so many tax resolution solutions accessible for example penalty in reduction, offers in compromise, payment plans, financial hardships plans.

What Is Back Taxes Settlement

You can settle your tax liability for less than the whole amount you owe by making an offer in compromise. If you are unable to pay your whole tax debt or doing so would put you in a difficult financial situation, this may be a viable choice.

How To Stop Wage Garnishment?

If a bank levy or wage garnishment will make it difficult for you to pay your bills or buy food, or if you think the decision was rendered unfairly, you may be able to contest it. A short and easy method can prevent you from losing money from your check or bank account. It’s crucial to speak with a lawyer who is aware of the rules in your state on how to contest a garnishment because they differ from state to state. But if you can’t obtain assistance right away, you might have to handle things on your own.

IRS Tax Liens Removal

When an owner is behind on their taxes, the government may issue a tax lien on their property or other assets. pay your tax obligation, Join an IRS payment schedule, requesting a compromise offer Make an appeal, and bankruptcy will assist you in getting tax levies removed. Services like Tax Resolution and Tax Relief are created to assist taxpayers with the challenging process of settling back tax issues. When the IRS or the state has lost all patience and decided to enforce the recovery of unpaid taxes, taxpayers often turn to assistance. A bank levy or a tax lien on your property are two examples of this.

IRS Tax Levy Removal

A tax levy is the taking of property to cover unpaid taxes. Penalties for unpaid taxes may include bank account and asset seizures as well as wage garnishment. By submitting returns on time and paying your taxes when they are due, you can prevent a levy. You can ask for an extension if you need extra time to file. If you are unable to pay your whole debt, you should make the minimum payment and negotiate a settlement with the IRS for the amount that remains.

If you have Tax Levy then IRS also has rights to capture your property to cover unpaid taxes.

We’re here to make sure you get the most out of your tax situation.
It’s time to fix your tax problem and stop worrying.

Audit Representation

The approach taken to support the taxpayer’s argument is developed by an audit representative. They attend all meetings and manage communications on the taxpayer’s behalf. He or she also aids the taxpayer in compiling any papers needed by the taxation authorities.

Offer In Compromise

It’s likely that the IRS will reject your offer as they only accept roughly a fifth of them. You may file an appeal if the IRS rejects your offer in compromise. You have 30 days from the date of the refusal to submit a formal appeal request.

Payroll Taxes

The taxes on wages, tips, and salaries that both employees and employers pay are referred to as payroll taxes. Included in these taxes are the employee’s part of Social Security and Medicare taxes as well as federal, state, and municipal income taxes (FICA). Employers are required to pay their portion of FICA as well as federal and state unemployment taxes.

Innocent Spouse Relief

If your spouse filed your tax return with incorrect information or omitted information, you can apply for innocent spouse relief to be exempt from paying the resulting tax, interest, and penalties. Only taxes on individual income or self-employment are exempt from the innocent spouse provision.

When an owner is behind on their taxes, It is time to Consult!

If your business is in debt and you have unpaid taxes, don’t let the government seize your assets to get what’s owed. Get help from a tax resolution specialist who will guide you through the process of resolving your tax problems with limited liability.

How Tax Resolution Works?

When you engage the services of a tax resolution company, you are hiring them to assess the entirety of your tax problem and speak on behalf of you or your business. An experienced tax resolution representative, tax attorney, or former IRS agent will know exactly what is allowable on a financial disclosure and be able to analyze your financial information to determine exactly what resolution you qualify for. Many taxpayers may only qualify for an installment agreement.

The installment agreement amount can be the difference between keeping the doors of a business open or closed. Tax Resolution companies generally operate in two ways. The first approach is to connect you with an unlicensed and inexperienced salesperson that will pitch an investigation phase where you can pay thousands of dollars simply to conduct an investigation into what needs to be done.

After the investigation, you are asked to pay an additional fee to actually address the issue. The second (and better) approach is to have an initial consultation with an individual licensed to represent clients with the IRS before any fee is paid. The licensed consultant will ask you questions specific to your situation and assess what needs to be done from the information you provide.

From there, you can expect a fee of at least a thousand dollars for the simplest resolution strategies up to tens of thousands of dollars for the most complex cases with liabilities ranging into the millions of dollars. Before consulting with any tax resolution specialist, make sure you ask the individual you speak with if they are licensed to practice before the IRS.


IRS issues shouldn’t be handled only during tax season. If you’re an enrolled agent, CPA, or attorney, you might be able to certify to provide tax resolution services without difficulty.

Taxpayers often seek help resolving back tax problems when the IRS or state has lost all patience and taken action to retrieve unpaid taxes. Once you have ignored the problem for so long that the IRS or jurisdiction has lost all patience, you may be asked to pay up using a tax lien on your property or a bank levy. Bank levies are the most common method used by the IRS to take your assets but if you assessed correctly and by an IRS resolution expert then things can change.

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