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Who Are We?

Meet Amit Chandel, our Certified  and Tax Planning Coach & Founder of SWAT. With extensive experience in Exit Planning, wealth retirement planning, he implements tax strategies that saves thousands of dollars, rescuing your money from being wasted on unnecessary taxes.

In 2017, the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners honored him with the prestigious Certified Tax Planner of the Year Award, a testament to his dedication and exceptional service. With Amit, you’re not just in good hands — you’re in award-winning hands.

From 50+ years, SWAT has stood tall as one of California’s leading exit tax planning and wealth management firms. SWAT Advisors was founded on a vision to offer financial solutions that cater to the unique needs of wealthy families, high net-worth individuals, innovative founders, and progressive businessmen.

Our expertise is rooted in four key areas: Exit Planning, Succession Planning, Retirement Planning, and Continuity Planning. These pillars form the bedrock of our service offering, guiding our clients towards a prosperous and safer financial future.

What else? We offer you CFO Services, Family Tax Office, Life Insurance planning, tax planning and what not! To us, you are the top priority. We believe in a personalized approach. Your financial journey is unique, and so is our strategy for you. We prioritize building long-term relationships and offering exclusive services tailored to you.

We care about you. With SWAT Advisors, you won’t talk about ‘if’ and ‘when’ of your exit; because we delve into the ‘how’. Choose SWAT – where your wealth works for you.

Amit Chandel, Chief Tax Planner, Exit Strategist & Founder

Still without a tax plan?

Activate robust tax planning strategy with us! Let’s save your taxes and grow your assets. Your journey from rich to wealthy begins today!

Benefits to Partnering with us!


Expertise You Can Count On

Tired of paying excessive taxes every year?
SWAT has a solution for you. We maximize tax savings by uncovering hidden deductions and tax credits others might overlook.

Thorough Expert Guidance

Regardless of who you are, what matters to us is helping you till the end point! For every tax situation, we’ve got you covered. From High Net Worth Individuals, Business Owners, High Net Families to Freelancers. Have an issue we can take a look at? Let’s talk.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

You can unleash maximum tax refund with our 99.9% guaranteed Accuracy rate. Be assured that SWAT will leave no stone unturned to get you what you deserve! With the right expertise and extensive analysis, we ensure you get every penny you’re entitled to!

We Can Be The Saviour

Each year, we have helped more than 20,000 people navigate their taxes to the right path. Let us be the straw that pushes you to the right direction for all your tax woes!

Your Personalized Exit Planners

Get tailored exit planning solutions! We provide expert guidance, financial optimization, and seamless transitions, ensuring a smooth exit strategy. Minimize tax liability, preserve your legacy, and gain peace of mind with us.

Exit Planning Services

Secure a vibrant life for tomorrow. Remember, a successful exit strategy is best initiated today, not postponed until tomorrow.
Taking the right exit with the right planners by your side is vital! Wondering what life will look like once you’ve passed on the business helm?
At SWAT Advisors, we’re here to listen, giving shape to your goals.


Business Continuity Planning

Having a Continuity Plan isn’t just smart, it’s vital. What’s your plan to withstand and recover from unexpected events? A Strategic Continuity Plan hinders all obstacles and allows business operations to run smoothly, even during times of crisis. Prepare for a safer tomorrow with SWAT by your side.Read More »

Business Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning with SWAT Advisors feels less like a transaction and more like a warm handover. We’re invested in knowing you, as we believe that understanding the soul of your enterprise is the first step towards planning its future. Together, we’ll identify the right successors, mentor them,Read More »

Retirement Planning

Need help designing a strategic Retirement Plan that isn’t only financially sound but also tailored to your needs? You’re at the right place! We combine financial expertise and a comprehensive plan for your retirement down the lane.Trust us for a secure tomorrow!Read More »

Business Exit Planning

What are your plans after you leave your business behind? Are you selling it, passing it on, or liquidating it? With SWAT by your side, get a comprehensive approach to what you can do with your business down the lane. After working with Founders and Business Owners over the years, we have the right expertise to offer an exclusive and tailored approach to yourRead More »

Other Tax Planning Services

Preserve your wealth with SWAT Advisors! With America’s top tax planners and advisors by your side, we take care of your finances. We are by all high-income earners, businesses and families, saving their wealth and resolving their IRS tax issues. Want to get a closure look? We got you covered!


Family Tax Office

Are you a family that needs wealth management? Oh, you are! Let SWAT help you. We offer investment management, financial planning, estate planning, tax planning and philanthropy – all at one! Are you from a high-net-worth family, then consider establishing a family tax office to help manage your wealth and achieve your financial goals.Read More »

CFO Services

Managing finances is not a small task; but a complex effort that needs strategic foresight, careful planning, and accurate execution. That’s why SWAT offers CFO services that can step in and be your game-changer. We give you strategic insight, financial leadership, and thorough risk management. Get SWAT’s plan now!Read More »

Life Insurance Planning

When you think about Life Insurance, the first thing that comes to mind is “how to secure our future?” While life insurance is a complex process to tackle alone, with SWAT, you don’t have to wrap your head around the technicalities! Embrace our Life Insurance Planning that offers Financial Security, Funeral Costs, Transparency, Legacy Planning, Living Benefits, Tax Benefits and what not. Having a life insurance policy is more than just preparing for the inevitable; it’s about making a responsible choice for your family’s financial futureRead More »

Meet our Award Winning Tax Planners & Advisors

Experts in Tax | Investment | Retirement | Succession Planning

Do Not Let the Tax Season Scare You!

Let our SWAT Team take care of your of your hard earned money.

Why Choose SWAT?

With a track record of helping businesses and individuals climb with strategic growth, SWAT advisors can bring you a wealth of expertise
and extensive knowledge in tax planning, tax strategy, financial planning and absolutely what not!

With SWAT, unlock the true power of your tax game! We offer:

  • Tailored Solutions to Unique Client Needs
    Every idea is unique, as much as every business. And catering to their specific needs is what makes our team stand out from the rest. You need financial modeling? Let’s talk. You need retirement tax planning? Let’s talk again.
  • Strategic Partnership
    SWAT Advisors believe in fostering relationships that go a long way. By working with us, we’ll make sure to build trust with no amount of stumbling blocks. We strive to become your trusted advisors, working with efficient components to steer your complex financial and informed decisions. Let’s work collaboratively and together to adapt to evolving changes!
  • Major Industry Outlook
    Extensive knowledge allows extensive analysis. With our consistent industry exposure, offering a client-centric approach stands primary. Are you having trouble understanding at what stage you’d need estate planning or retirement tax planning? Communicate. Let your challenges be ours so you can sit and ease down!

Choosing SWAT means gaining access to Successful Tax Planning. The task “impossible” would be made easy with the
assistance of a team that knows how the tax code works. 

Design the future of your business! Get your personalized exit plan with SWAT Advisors. 

Ensure a smooth transition and secure a prosperous legacy. Take the first step now!

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