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Exit Planning Process: Quantifying Business & Personal Resources

Have you thought about what happens to your business once you leave? Businesses are visionaries, always trying to stay ahead of the game! But, let’s face the truth, the inevitable need for an exit strategy will never vanish. In fact, if you overlook it, your business might come crumbling down. Why?

An effective exit plan is not about stepping away but ensuring leaving the legacy in safe hands. Is your financial future secure? With S.W.A.T by your side, plan a safe financial future TODAY!!

Don’t just Operate your Business, Know its Value – Quantify!!

Running a business is MORE than a balance sheet! It’s an enterprise you grew from point zero. But, what’s your business truly worth? Ever thought? It’s almost time to bring the value of your business to light and start planning the future!

  • We’ll help you with Business Valuation
  • Let’s unfold Diverse Revenue Streams
  • Boosted Operational Efficiency
  • Harnessing its Intellectual Property

Do you realise how important it is to know the financial health of your business? You need to understand the financial elements before preparing for the next stage of your life after business!!

Your Wealth Is Our Responsibility

Whether you have real estate, retirement accounts, or investments – S.W.A.T will inform you of its worth! If you have not planned your post-business life, it is time that you do! Exit Planning for business owners and founders is VITAL. With us, plan your wealth through:

  • Financial Resources
  • Real Estate
  • Business Interest
  • Personal Asset
  • Insurance Policies
  • Inheritance

Have you not yet thought about Exit Planning?

Schedule a FREE consultation with our expert exit planning advisor!

Creating an Exit Plan is Simple, but not Easy

With S.W.A.T by you, exit plans are going to be easy! But do you know it has a complex process? And that’s where we do the labor for YOU!

Your Business Deserves a Smooth Exit.

And it needs guidance. Rely on our exit planning advisors to get you the best deal!
Are you passing your legacy to your successor? Or is it that you’re selling it? Either way, it’s important to preserve your heritage that comes with running a business!


What's your Goal?

Are you planning leisure after retirement? Is there a new venture in mind? Or, are you thinking of contributing to a philanthropic cause? Your goal shapes the exit!


Are you Evaluating your Business?

We look into the intricacies. From financial health, and growth prospects to market position – let us handle the hard work.


Know your Personal Resources

Just like your business, you have ASSETS too! Your investments, real estate, and savings – matter. SWAT helps you evaluate these to give you a better post-exit.


Monitor and Adjust Exit Planning

The right business strategy results in effective exit planning. SWAT offers ongoing support, progress monitoring and efficient adjustments to keep your strategy aligned with you! With the right partner, Exit Planning becomes EASY!!

Still not sure how to go about with it? Get our Exit Planning servicestailored just for you! We are awaiting your call!

Talk to your Certified Exit Planning Advisor!

Are you planning your exit strategically? At SWAT, our CEPAs have built a comprehensive understanding of exit planning. We know that successful exit planning consists of a subtle balance of financial, business and personal objectives! And that’s where SWAT comes to the rescue!

SWAT isn’t just your advisor, but a reliable partner! Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Extensive Exit Planning Knowledge
  • Expertise Across Various Fields
  • Continued Professional Growth
  • Most Accurate and Up-to-date Advice
  • Integrity and Professionalism

Need your own EXCLUSIVE Exit Plan Service?

Contact SWAT for added success to your business exit!

When Should You Start Planning For An Exit?

It depends. But, the sooner, the better. Many start their exit planning right after they start a business. You know why? To have a solution for unforeseen challenges as well as to take early informed business decisions. And don’t worry, you don’t have to plan it yourself. Ourexit planning advisors are willing to do it for you!
  • If you’re planning to pass the company to a child, 10 years should be your ideal timespan to plan for an income source after retirement!
  • Are you looking at an IPO? To have a shot at an IPO, plan the growth of $1M to $100M in almost a span of 7-10 years.
  • But, are you getting acquired by a larger organization? Make sure your IP and financials are sorted early enough. In fact, 3 years out of best EBITDA.

So, have you yet planned your exit? If not, leave the work to SWAT!

What do you think are the Benefits of an Exit Strategy?

  1. A Massive Change in How You Guide the Future of Your Company

    You still don’t have an exit strategy? It’s very important to have one! Your exit is an outline of your future. It gives you a goal and helps you understand what happens to your business when the next person holds power. An effective exit plan service is imperative! Call now, get help immediately!

  2. Gives an Idea on How to Handle Unsolicited Offers

    An exit strategy helps you to respond to all unsolicited offers. Half of all sales, 45% to be precise, come from opportunistic buyers as per research. Accepting similar offers is the same as walking a tightrope without a safety net! And that’s where exit planning for business owners becomes a little too important!

  3. Think about your Family

    Having a firm exit plan will protect your spouse and heirs from tax burdens or any form of unwanted decision-making! So, get a plan, and safeguard your family!

  4. What about your Retirement?

    You want to elevate the value of the wealth you built? That’s okay! But what happens when you retire? It is very important to plan your financial goals, especially because YOU built the business! If you still haven’t got your goals right, talk to our exit planning advisors now! Get the help you deserve!

Don’t leave your exit to chance!

Types of Exit Strategies


Mergers & Acquisitions

It falls among the most common exit strategies! M&A helps founders, investors and employees with equity by providing direct ROI in the form of a lump sum. Mergers & Acquisitions have the power to boost maximum acquisition for your exit strategy! This falls under the umbrella of an efficient exit plan service we get you!


Initial Public Offering

An IPO is when you transition your business from private to public. This is where you work alongside a bank to fix the value of your company shares. Avail our exit planning services to get the best out of your future exit!



This is not often ideal at all. And frankly, it only often happens when there’s no strategic exit planning! There are several organizations which don’t hold a strong market for M&A, IPO or succession. It is those organizations that use Liquidation.

But, if you don’t want to, then why haven’t you scheduled a FREE consultation with the best Exit Planning advisor?

Get SWAT’s Exit Planning Services

To get a tailored exit plan for your business, get help from our EXPERIENCED Exit Planning Advisors! Do you want to plan your exit the right way? Do it when time is still by your side!

Avail our exit planning services now and capitalize on your profit!!

Call SWAT and let’s talk FUTURE!

Your Exit Begins with How You Manage Your Financials

Imagine travelling to a remote destination without a map! It’d be an adventure, sure. But, will it be what you envisioned?

A strong exit planning process needs excellent financials! This is because they’re the bedrock of your business. Do you have perfect financial records? It can open doors to understanding your business performance! We develop effective exit planning for business owners so that they get a secure future!

Develop your Exit Strategy with Us:
  • Get accurate accounts of professional and personal finances
  • Explore various exit strategies (transitioning, selling, passing on, etc.)
  • Tell your investors and stakeholders about your purpose
  • Initiate transitioning to your successor
  • Exit plan blueprint ensuring that stakeholders are paid

But, the exact strategy might differ as per YOU and it’s important you know that!

To know YOUR exit plan, call our Exit Planning Advisor TODAY.

The Exit Planning Process You Need

We know how important your business is to you. So let us handle the exit strategy for you! The exit planning process includes:

  1. Understanding all aims of business owners
  2. SWAT recognizes the value of your business
  3. With us, build and also secure the value of your business
  4. Massive support when selling to a third-party member, or transferring ownership to the management of family heirs
  5. With SWAT, you get a contingency business plan
  6. All types of financial and estate planning for staying ahead of the game

Our team focuses on three “s”: SECURITY. SUPPORT. And, STICKING BY YOUR SIDE.

Ready to schedule a call?

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How can you Decide Whether to Close or Sell a Business?

The choice depends largely on what your surroundings look like. But, let’s face it, it makes the best sense to sell your business. And that’s because the “Acquisition Exit Strategy” gets you more money when you sell your assets.

Regardless of your company facing a breakneck cash flow issue, it’s very rare that it’ll have no value. Give the right buyer a chance to turn the stone back to the top.

But, what about closing it? It makes sense when you can’t find a buyer or because you simply feel it. In case you decide to sell it, you’ve got the freedom to liquidate company assets to cover unpaid amounts.

Not sure what would be the best solution for your business?

Let our in-house exit planning advisors take hold from here!

How do we help you? Schedule a private appointment to get exclusive strategies from our experienced

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