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Hello Amit,
We recently received 2 tax refunds. One for $3940 and one for $815 thanks to you.
What a bonus! Thanks so much.

Marc and Shirley Estrada

Our tax returns were prepared by H&R Block and were done wrong and consequently we were subjected to liens and levies from State of California. But through the efforts of Amit Chandel were able to get the levy released.

Megan Meraz

Amit Chandel is extremely knowledgeable of the US tax laws and thelegitimate tax write offs that many of the rich and famous takeadvantage of which are also available to everyone US Tax payer.Amithas published a number of tax and accounting books.Amit keeps up todate with the new taxes laws, so many accountants from all over thecountry go to Amit for training.

Larry Aguilar

Amit Chandel and his associates are excellent! Prior to coming to him, we were unsure about the CPAs we worked with. Since meeting Amit, he has saved us and helped us become much more organized. My husband and I underwent an audit which can be very scary, however, Amit helped us and we owed nothing to the IRS. He and his office are extremely helpful and professional. IF you own a business I highly recommend you to see Amit Chandel.

Arti Amin-Physician

Amit and his team are great. They helped me clean up years of shoddy tax returns that I filed on my own. He strives to find all ways to legally reduce my tax burden and is a kind person to boot. Highly recommend

Ben Cooper

I highly recommend Amit as a Tax Lawyer. He is a blessing to work with and he won my IRS case for my daughter, Jasmine with special needs. As everyone knows, it is so hard to deal with the IRS. I made the mistake of hiring big companies that say that they can solve all your problems but when it comes down to it, you need a real “Tax Attorney” that can represent you. Amit is personable and cares about his clients and won’t stop until the job it done right!!!!

Rose Brooks
Resource Specialist
Lincoln Elementary

Frank J. Garcia

Kousay A. Al-Kourainy, M.D