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The Power Of SWAT Advisors

SWAT Advisors is America’s most trusted estate planning firm. We’ve helped our clients reach peace of mind by reducing their fears with our customized and optimized relief plans.

There is a significant multiplication effect that occurs when a specialized professional team works in coordination to accomplish your objectives.

This process takes a very complex and fluid set of responsibilities and objectives then simplifies them into a directional set of clear achievable outcomes. When you have confidence that your plan is working at an optimal pace you are able to be intentional about the more meaningful and relationship driven areas of your life.


Importance of Estate Planning

For many, estate planning is an afterthought. But it’s surprising how one can go through life without making any preparations for what should happen to their assets and investments, following their demise.

Our Multi-Family Office Services Include:

  • Legacy Planning
  • Full Scope Estate Planning
  • Estate Preservation Techniques
  • Advance Tax Planning
  • Complete Balance Sheet Management
  • Life Insurance Planning
  • Charitable and Gifting Strategies
  • Investment Banking with Private Equity Investment opportunities with management
  • Equities and Bond Portfolio Management
  • Custom Financial Management available upon request

Our Award Winning Team is Available!

If you are one of the many people who feel lost in the world of taxes, contact us today for a free consultation. We are always available when you need us!


Have you ever been curious about how Foundations work? Do you know there are different types to choose from to suit your charitable purposes? Have you wondered why there are so many wealthy people and families that have them?

Have you ever wondered if there are more effective ways to be charitable while minimizing or possibly eliminating your income taxes, capital gains tax and estate tax exposure?


With our time-tested process, Legacy Planning, families are validated, educated and motivated to author a personalized legacy plan that reflects shared core values. We simplify legacy planning issues to make planning understandable, and extremely effective.

Our clients have found this process to be the most meaningful part of their estate plan. Taking time to bring clarity and define the items that really matter the most to you will bring tremendous joy and satisfaction that you have done your best and you plan to finish strong. We consider this a great privilege to coach you and all your family members in a direction that is driven from your heart. Not only will this bring personal clarity to the best remaining years of your life, you will feel a sense of new life and thriving to the time commitments and activities you say yes to.

Why we feel a Multi-Family Office approach is important

A Family Office is a uniquely designed professional management team who are committed to working together to effectively and efficiently serve our clients stewardship objectives.

Doesn’t it make sense to have your professional advisory team regularly meet and work together to efficiently and effectively serve your best interest?

With a family office team in place our clients are then able to focus their best and most intentional efforts into their defined Legacy Plan.

Services with SWAT Advisors

We offer comprehensive services to help you protect your family’s future and prepare for what lies ahead. All plans are customized and optimized to meet your needs, with a range of services such as

  • Estate Planning
  • Executing Trust Deeds
  • Drafting Wills
  • Estate Administration
  • Estate Tax Minimization
  • Preparing Last Wishes & Final Arrangements

How we do it?

We do it by using a combination of experts from different backgrounds such as accountants, lawyers, and financial planners to create a perfect plan geared towards your unique requirements and investing style. With thorough knowledge of laws in different jurisdictions and countries, we ensure that your wealth is protected at all times.

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