SWAT Advisors Offers

The Expert Tax Planning Techniques

SWAT Advisors offers the expert tax planning techniques that only a Certified Tax Planner can provide. With our unparalleled training and experience, we have the ability to uncover hidden deductions and tax credits that will significantly reduce your taxes. We diligently create personalized tax plans to significantly reduce tax liabilities and protect income for highly successful business owners, doctors, dentists, and high net worth families.

Core Values

SWAT Advisors offers the expert tax planning techniques that only a Certified Tax Planner can provide.
With our unparalleled training and experience.


Do the Right Think and Always be Open & Honest


Always Provide A Desired Result


Commit to Personal Growth & Development


Motivate to Help Others Achieve Greatness


Involve Your Peers to Create A Common Goal


Mission & Vision

Expectations & Deadlines

We Are a Deadline-Intensive Company Because of Our Fiduciary Responsibilities!

We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously. Our company and team have a responsibility to meet the deadlines set by the federal, state, and county government, but also to meet our specific company guidelines as a deadline-intensive company. We emphasize deadlines as a response to our fiduciary responsibility and our experiences of what happens when deadlines are not met, as this is the result of client’s experiences of IRS litigation.

To ensure deadline compliance, we schedule mutually agreed upon deadlines with our clients, and propagate those deadlines via Outlook, or Google Calendar invites. These invites ensure that our clients know and acknowledge the deadlines.

You will frequently see the acronym D.A.R.B. which stands for Deadline Action Required By. If deadlines are not met, there are financial consequences in the form of remuneration from the client, The deadlines are there for a reason: efficient, prompt compliance to our fiduciary responsibilities, and for a seamless transition of information and communication.

We appreciate your attention to these very significant matters as we fulfill our fiduciary responsibility, not only to you but to the IRS.

Communication & Organization

At SWAT Advisors, we subscribe to operation efficiency, but also to the highest level of information security and confidentially. The security and confidentiality of your information is as important to us as it is to you. Email is not secure so please do not send us via email any confidential or private information. While we maintain strict internal controls guiding information security. It is YOUR OBLIGATION to be cognizant and aware of phishing scams via email, and keep your information secure on your end (Information such as password access our portals etc.)

We utilize two cloud-based resources through Citrix to organize and transmit data to and from you:

File Share: Secure Portal to submit your tax information and download finalized tax returns.

Right Signature: We use Right Signature for all documents that need signing. When you receive personalized documents for signature, please be sure to review them carefully before signing.

Our Expert Team

We Have Best Expert Skilled Employees

Amit Chandel

Chief Tax Strategist

Dominique Molina

Chief Tax Strategist

Joseph Silla

Investment Advisor

Chirs MCcormack

Fractional CFO, CPA, Certified Tax Planner

Charles Njoya

CPA, Certified Tax Planner, IRS Debt Resolution Expert

We are very conscious of our environmental impact and subscribe to reducing it as much as possible by being paperless.

Please support us by submitting all of your information electronically and printing as little as you can.

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