Fractional CFO, CPA, Certified Tax Planner

Meet Chris McCormack, a dynamic and dedicated fractional CFO at SWAT Advisors, specializing in Tax Strategies and Bookkeeping Solutions. With a sharp focus on small businesses and real estate investors, Chris expertly bridges the gap between tax and accounting strategies, ensuring accurate reporting and timely insights for his clients. As a CPA, Certified Tax Planner, and MBA scholar Chris utilizes profit first strategies paired with financial clarity in reporting to create and build wealth for his clients.

At the core of Chris’s approach lies a deep passion for entrepreneurship and faith. His role as a fractional CFO is marked by a precise understanding of the distinctive financial reporting needs of business owners and real estate investors. This proficiency is evident through his collaborations with industry professionals nationwide. Chris brings invaluable expertise in financial reporting, tax planning, and exit planning to the SWAT Advisors team, solidifying his role as a crucial asset in providing part-time CFO services to businesses.

Beyond his technical skills, Chris’s commitment to his clients’ financial reporting is admirable. He takes pride in safeguarding not only their business interests but also in meticulously managing financial reporting to align with their personal aspirations. This dedication ensures that accurate and insightful financial reports are instrumental in achieving stability and prosperity for generations to come, strategically supporting their long-term goals.

Chris is an ultra marathon champion who has completed an Ironman, showcasing his remarkable prowess by finishing in the top percentage to qualify for national championships, despite never having participated in an Ironman before—a monumental accomplishment. Notably, he runs for a cause close to his heart, actively supporting the movement to end sex trafficking through the impactful initiative 30 for Freedom.

When he steps away from his professional commitments, Chris is a dedicated family man to his wife Jasmine and their growing family. He enjoys starting the day with a good read and connecting with community through small groups and service in his local church.

Chris McCormack transcends the role of a dedicated fractional CFO; he embodies the qualities of a strategist, a community leader, and an unwavering advocate for the success of his clients.